As a graphic designer, I’ve found enjoyment in creating a visual identity or brand to represent what I’m working on. The act of creating a visual identity for a name is much like putting a face to the name, most remember the look before they remember the name. When not designing, I play video games and do so on an almost daily basis as a way of clearing my head and recharging after a good day of work. As a kid, I enjoyed going to the arcades and loved getting the chance to do so. As an adult, I’ve gained a new appreciation for going to restaurants and bars with friends and family. For this exhibition I decided I would combine and marry the arcade loving kid, the restaurant and bar appreciating adult, and the designer to create “Now Loading” a bar/arcade branding exhibition. These works for the fictional bar/arcade named “Eight Bit” is the culmination of my studies here at (SUNY) Buffalo State College, hours of gaming, and a love of nerdy things. Evoking retro eight-bit style looks and consisting of digital prints, this branding is my way of not keeping a hobby, just a hobby.
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