Program(s): Illustrator, Photoshop


Travis here and for this final challenge, let's change things up just one more time! We see logos everywhere we look whether we're driving around, browsing the internet, etc. In fact, I bet if you look around right now, you could find at least 3 logos. I count at least 20 from where I sit.


For this final challenge, I'd like you to redesign a logo of your choice. This could be your uncle's burger shop, an app you use that nobody knows about, or even something as known as the Nike logo (I don't recommend that though haha).


Another Option


Perhaps you have a family member or friend or just a random someone who has asked you before but you just didn't have time to design there logo. Let's take this opportunity to give back.


I'm extremely excited to see your final logos and I continue to be impressed by everything you come up with. Thanks for participating and I know we'll chat again soon.

Travis Howell

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