Personal ReDesign

Program(s): Illustrator, Photoshop

You've almost made it through the entire Thirty Logos challenge series! Feels pretty awesome, right?! We hope you've learned, improved, been frustrated, been excited, and above all, felt challenged. Let's take a little break from the client directed challenges and try something different. We'd like to focus on you. As a designer, do you have your own personal logo? If not, design your own at this point for Challenge #22! If you have a current logo, are there ways you could improve it? Perhaps there are some ideas you can try for a new look? Designing for yourself is classically one of the biggest challenges for many designers. Below are some ideas that may help design your own personal branding.



Do you have a unique handwriting style? Your logo doesn't have to be a visual icon. Your written signature is a great way to brand yourself. It's unique, personal, and timeless.


Your Roots

Do you hail from an iconic town or place? Is there something about your past that defines who you are? You can try implementing something from the history of you into your logo which tells a story.


Go Crazy

Remember, this logo represents you. Not a giant corporation, a company, etc. You can use just about anything! Maybe you love dinosaurs. T-Rex logo! Maybe you enjoy biking. Avatar of yourself speeding down a hill.


Be unique and expressive. You'll want to be remembered by clients. Go crazy because after all, we're designers. We've all got a little bit of crazy in us.

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